Narcissists Are The Real Life Zombies

Narcissists invent a fake persona as a psychological defense mechanism to hide their self-loathing and inner shame.

Candace Ranee


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The narcissist is not a real person.

During the narcissist's developmental stages, for various reasons, their true self is subverted, and they develop a false self as a protective fortification.

The False Self stifles the growth of the True Self and paralyzes it. True Self is then non-existent and plays no role in the conscious life of the narcissist.

The True Self is swallowed up by shame and self-hatred. It is this pathologically jealous person filled with contempt that they desperately try to hide.

This is why the narcissist is bankrupt of any constructive emotions. They are unable to experience or genuinely express love, trust, or empathy.

The death of the True Self makes it impossible to establish authentic bonds with others. Instead, the counterfeit self schemes and lies, mentally spinning deceptive webs to get nourishment.

The False self becomes a prison where the True Self is held, hostage.

The True Self is much too weak to do battle with the overbearing False Self. To help the True Self to cope with the world, the narcissist wears a distorted mask of grandiosity and perfection.

The narcissist plays pretend because, without the False Self, the True Self would be subjected to the reality that they are not significant and they would literally not exist.

For the narcissist, this is pure survival.

This happens to narcissists who collapse. Their False Ego has lost much of its power and they experience a harrowing feeling of annihilation and ruin.

The False Self is misrepresented by the narcissist as his True Self.

The narcissist is telling you:



Candace Ranee

Candace studied Sociology at Bowling Green State University. She is a writer and a DV Survivor