Never Date a Narcissist Again

Candace Ranee
5 min readNov 28, 2023

It is important to be aware of the early signs that the person you are dating could be a narcissist. Learn to spot the red flags.

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The narcissists' lack of empathy for others and their rages, when called out for a simple mistake, are the obvious red flags that you’re dating a narcissist. There is however a danger that if you get too hung up on the blatant traits, you can easily miss the subtle behaviors that allow a narcissist to sneak into your life and wreak havoc.

In real life, the most dangerous villains rarely advertise their abusive tendencies.

Narcissists are really good at hiding who they really are in the beginning and when the mask slips it can be shocking. The truth is, you sometimes see the mask fall when you’re dating.

It is important to be aware of the early signs that the person you are dating could be a narcissist.

Let's talk about 4 different early warning signs to look out for while dating. They can help you protect yourself from dating another narcissist and save you from future harm and suffering.

Rushed Relationship

Narcissists will push very hard at the beginning of a relationship to sweep you off your feet and to get you out of emotional balance. This early phase is called lovebombing.

You deep down know it is all too much but you may feel exhilarated and intoxicated from all of the intense compliments and praise. This is usually because you still have unresolved trauma and unfulfilled childhood fantasies.

They seem really into you. They’re thoughtful and attentive, they tell you everything you want to hear., and perhaps most shocking of all, they communicate with you all the time.

Then things start getting weird.

They start telling you that they’re in love with you after the second date, showering you with gifts and praise, and texting and calling you at all hours of the day. They may even hint at moving in together.



Candace Ranee

Candace studied Sociology at Bowling Green State University. She is a writer and a DV Survivor